Last update: 18 October, 2022

What’s Kalee useful for?

Who can use Kalee?

Kalee is the most reliable way to organize your appointments according to your professional area.
We offer specific surfaces that suits your professional areas such as agile communities, mentors,coaches and so on.
Even if in your daily life it is hard to make an appointment with client, with help of Kalee it is easier than ever.
Ease your process, start by booking an appointment and make your life more convenient than ever.

How’s your registration process?

Joining an account for the first time

  • Click "register" in the top right corner

  • Fill out the form with your full name, email and password

  • Click "sign in"

  • Once you receive the confirmation email, click the link to activate your account

  • Now you can log in and start using Kalee!

What will the pricing be in the future?

Kalee will have monthly plans. Basic costs $5.99/month if you need powerful schedule automation, and professional costs $16.99/month if you require customization, integrations, and customer functions. You can continue using the free version if you simply want access to the most basic features.

I get an error message “Sorry, something went wrong there. Try again.”

Ooops. We are going to solve your problem as soon as possible and mail you back about updates.

How to schedule suits?

On the agenda at the top situates clickable “create suit” button, then on the opened popup write detailed information about your meeting, choose time availability and set reminders.

Which calendars does Kalee integrate with?

We integrate with Google, Apple and Microsoft calendars as well.

Which functions makes Kalee special? (FEATURES)

Let’s look which functions makes us special

  • Templates! We offer specific surfaces that suits your professional areas such as agile communities, mentor, coaches and so on.

  • You can use full amount of integrations via calendars or video conferencing platforms. Just one link will you need for providing it.

  • No need to constantly check your calendar view. We will notify you before sessions so you will be on time always.  

Who can see my events in Kalee Calendar?

Only the suiter can see the events.

Can I get my entire company to use Kalee?

Unfortunately, for now it is not possible. Kalee is currently designed for individual usage, we intend to expand its application in the future to include businesses.