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Last update: 10 March, 2023

What’s Kalee useful for?

Pricing Question

We can remove Pricing question from FAQ part. Or we can put it on the top right corner on our website. Because, when we take a look at the websites of our competitors and some other websites as well, we can see that the pricing button is always being on the top right. So if anyone wants to get information about the pricing, can easily click it and get the information.

Who can see my events

We can remove this question as well. As it clear, the meeting which we set can only seen by us and the people who we shared the link with. As the question is so simple and basic, it seems a bit unnecessary.

Can i get a kalee for my entire company?

We can take 2 action steps for this question.

  • We can change it and make as “Can I get a Kalee for my team” or “Can we use a Kalee as team”. Because, maybe the people who want to use Kalee as a team is not Company, they even can be small startup team which just started to work together.

  • Or we can remove question from FAQ cause we are going to put detailed information about this on pricing part.

  • We should put questions and detailed answers related to early bird and book a demo. As, these are the main points that we currently have and we are focusing on.

Generally when we take a look at the questions, I can say that questions is mostly related with the future(plans) which we dont have in our hands right now. We should write about the questions related to the points that we have currently and we can possible get questions about. Such as;

  • How to book a demo and in how many day they will get respond?

  • What is early bird and which kind of good sides it has?

  • What are differentiating us from others? (Already has on our FAQ)

  • What is Kalee, and who is this for, or who can use it? (Already has on our FAQ)

  • As a Kalee what we are aiming to overcome (for example, which pain points)

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