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Famous CEO and entrepreneurs choices being productive

Adil Huseynli
16 December, 2022
Adil Huseynli
16 December, 2022

Productivity is one of the key factors in your life cycle. It directly affects your success rate. CEOs have no option but become masters of productivity and time management. So, to achieve high-level effectiveness in your company you must take action for productivity. But sometimes it is not that easy and takes your time to increase it. You must do a detailed analysis of your team in order to determine the key points and factors that you need for achievement.

There are a lot of general methods that for increasing productivity, but with a specific example, let's look at Jack Welch's implementations. During his management years (1981-2001) at General Electric as CEO and later as chair, Welch's most significant achievement was increasing the firm's market value. Welch increased it from approximately $14 billion when he took over. He started to implement new strategies which all aimed to increase productivity, such as;

  • Change is good; don't be afraid of it
  • Lead a company, don't over-manage it
  • Hire and develop managers who can energize, excite and control
  • Acknowledge the facts and exploit them for advantage or eliminate their negative impact
  • Be focused, be consistent, and follow up on every detail

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After all of these changes affected the firm's productivity in the best way, they started to strive for more and more. At the end of his retirement announcement, the firm's market value had already become $410 billion. He made the General Electric world’s second largest company by market capitalization, exceeded only by Microsoft.

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